Weebit announces a program to enter the discrete memory market

Israel-based RRAM developer Weebit Nano Announced that it is launching a new program to address the needs of the discrete memory market

Weebit packaged RRAM chip photo

Weebit says it is accelerating its entry into the discrete, stand-alone, memory chip market. Weebit says that a key element required for discrete memory chips is the selector, which helps isolate the memory cells so that only the specific cells which should be modified actually are, and all the other cells are disconnected and not impacted.

The work required for the discrete memory chips will be performed by Weebit in co-operation with its partner Leti, who has been developing a selector for the discrete memory market for the past several years, and this will enable Weebit to significantly advance its development work for the discrete memory market. Weebit estimates that it will be able to demonstrate a working ReRAM cell with a selector within 15 months.

In October 2019 Weebit secured $3.1 million in a combined placement and entitlement offer. The company has also announced that it is progressing in its project to develop a customized ReRAM memory module for its South Korean customer - and aims to to deliver the module in mid-2020.

Posted: Feb 13,2020 by Ron Mertens