Weebit demonstrated its first operational crossbar RRAM array

Israel-based RRAM developer Weebit Nano announced that together with CEA-Leti iit has demonstrated its first operational crossbar arrays that combine its ReRAM technology with a selector.

Weebit says that that is is a key milestone on the company's path to creating standalone memory chips. The company's RRAM crossbar arrays were developed using a 1S1R (one selector one resistor) architecture to enable the higher density needed for discrete chips. Weebit's arrays can be stacked in 3D layers to deliver higher densities.

Weebit says that its 1S1R crossbar ReRAM architecture has potential applications in storage class memory, persistent memory, as a NOR flash replacement, as well as in-memory computing and neuromorphic computing.

Weebit recently received its first embedded RRAM silicon wafers for testing. In 2020 Weebit raised $25.7 million AUD and aims to raise a further $9 million AUD.

Posted: Feb 08,2022 by Ron Mertens