Weebit announced working 40nm SiOx RRAM cell samples

Earlier this year, Weebit Nano announced that it aims to produce 40nm working SiOx RRAM cell samples by the end of 2017, and the company today announced that it achieved that milestone - one month ahead of schedule.

Weebit further reports that measurements performed on the 40nm memory cells on various wafers verified the ability of Weebit Nano SiOx ReRAM cells to maintain its memory behaviour in accordance with previous experiments performed on 300nm cells.

Over the next few months Weebit Nano will continue extensive characterisation of its 40nm SiOx ReRAM cells performance and will start scaling up its array capacity into Kb and Mb arrays structures during the first half of 2018. Earlier this month we posted an interview with Weebit's new CEO, which explains the company's technolgoy and business.

Posted: Nov 28,2017 by Ron Mertens