RRAM chip makers


Fujitsu logoFujitsu, established in 1935 in Japan, is one of the world's largest IT providers (and the largest one in Japan), with a turnover of $41 billion in 2015. The company is involved with many industries - including semiconductor production.

4DS Memory

4DS Memory logo4DS Memory, based in Australia, develops non-filamentary RRAM based memory for next generation storage devices. The company owns an IP portfolio developed in house to create high density gigabyte storage.


Sandisk logoSanDisk, owned by Western Digital is a leading Multinational flash memory developer that provides flash memory storage solutions for data centers and mobile devices. The company also develops RRAM memory technologies.

Adesto Technologies

Adesto logoAdesto was established in 2007 to develop a low-power RRAM-memory type called Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM). Adesto's is already shipping CBRAM chips, targeting the EEPROM and NOR flash markets.

Adesto also offers flash memory products following the acquisition's of Ateml's DataFlash and Serial Flash product lines in 2012.


Panasonic logoPanasonic Corporation (which until October 2008 was known as Matsushita Electric Industrial) provides a wide range of products, from audiovisual and information equipment to home appliances and components.


Crossbar logoCrossbar Inc is a private company based in California, USA, that develops proprietary RRAM-based memory technology. Crossbar's RRAM is based on non-conductive amorphous silicon (a-Si) as the host material for a metallic filament formation, and the switching mechanism is based on an electric field.