4DS Memory

Last updated on Mon 06/03/2023 - 17:06

4DS Memory logo4DS Memory, based in Australia, develops non-filamentary RRAM based memory for next generation storage devices. The company owns an IP portfolio developed in house to create high density gigabyte storage.

In 2014, 4DS signed a joint-development agreement with HGST, a Western Digital subsidiary, to optimize 4DS's technology for the gigabyte storage market. The agreement was renewed in July 2016 for a further 12-month commitment. In October 2016 4DS announced it developed a 40nm working RRAM cell, and in November 2017 4DS announced a collaboration with imec to develop a manufacturing process for its technology.

The 4DS memory cell is constructed using an advanced perovskite material, which has the same crystal structure as the inorganic compound calcium titanium oxide. The cells have no filaments and are so claim to be easier to scale compared to filamentary RRAM.

4DS is a public company that trades on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: 4DS). In October 2016 the company raised $3 million USD to fund its RRAM development activities.

Company Address

50 Kings Park Road West
Perth WA 6005