RRAM developers

Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies

IntrinSic logoIntrinsic Semiconductor Technologies (Intrinsic) was established in 2017 as a spin-off from University College London (UCL) to developed silicon-oxide based RRAM technologies. Intrinsic's technology is fully air stable and inherently CMOS compatible.


Rambus logoUS-based Rambus, established in 1990, is a semiconductor IP company mostly focused on memory technologies.

Reliance Memory

Reliance Memory was launched in 2018 by Rambus, in collaboration with GigaDevice, to commercialize RRAM technology for embedded devices.

Strategic investment partners in Reliance Memory include THG Ventures, West Summit Capital, Walden International and Zhisland Capital.



Samsung logoSamsung is a large Korean conglomerate focusing on displays (Samsung is a leading LCD and OLED producer), consumer electronics and semiconductors. Samsung has a large memory business, and is researching several next-generation memory technologies, including MRAM and RRAM.

Strategic Elements

Strategic Elements logoStrategic Elements, based in Australia, is developing a type of RRAM memory called Nanocube Memory. The printable memory cells are made cerium oxides and when jolts of voltage are applied they change their state between resistive and conductive - which is used to create and store digital information.


US-based Tetramem, founded by 2018, develops analog-in-RRAM compute processor architecture.

TetraMem says its processor will offer the industry’s most capable NPU for edge AI inference with a differentiated high performance at low power.

W&Wram Devices

W&Wram Devices developed an innovative ReRAM process based on an ion implantation that creates stoichiometric switching filaments that are aligned to per-determined defect channels.

W&Wram says its process offers high uniformity, yields and reliability.

Weebit Nano

Weebit Nano logoWeebit Nano is a developer of RRAM memory technology, incorporated in Israel in 2015 and publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: WBT).