SanDisk expects RRAM to enter the enterprise storage market in 2018

In October 2015 SanDisk announced a partnership with HP to co-develop RRAM technologies, enhance SanDisk's RRAM tech with HP's memristor technologies. Eventually, SanDisk will provide its RRAM memory tech to HP that will embed it in its products.

According to SanDisk's enterprise storage manager and senior VP, John Scaramuzzo, SanDisk expects the first RRAM chips to appear in enterprise storage products in 2018. The company expects RRAM to "revolutionize" storage storage architectures once it gets productized.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 16,2016

Adesto introduces new ultra low-power CBRAM chips

Adesto Technologies introduced a new CBRAM (a type of RRAM memory) chip family, called the Moneta. These are ultra-low power memory solutions, designed to reduce overall system energy use in connected devices.

Moneta chips perform read and write operations at 50-100x lower power than competitive solutions. The company is now shipping samples in four densities: 32Kbit, 64Kbit, 128Kbit, and 256Kbit.

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