Leti tests Weebit's RRAM chips for endurance and retention

Israel-based RRAM developer Weebit Nano announced that its partner Leti has perform retention and endurance tests on its SiOx RRAM technology - and found it to be "at the forefront of the market".
Weebit packaged RRAM chip photoWeebit says that its RRAM demonstrated retention of over 10 years at 130-150 degrees (these high temperatures could enable its RRAM to target the demanding automotive market). Leti also found that a single SiOx RRAM cell endured a million cycles

In May 2018 Weebit and Leti announced the first extension of the partnership, which allowed Weebit to prototype 1Kb 40 nm RRAM chips. In November 2017 we posted an interview with Weebit's new CEO, which explains the company's technology and business. In September 2018 Weebit raised $3 million AUD ($2.16 million USD) via a share placement.

Posted: May 01,2019 by Ron Mertens