Fujitsu launches its first RRAM chip, the 4Mb MB85AS4MT

Fujitsu Semiconductor launched its first RRAM chip, the 4Mb MB85AS4MT. Fujitsu co-developed this Chip with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions, and the company says that this is the world's largest density mass-produced RRAM product.

The MB85AS4MT offers an SPI-interface and operates with a wide range of power supply voltage, from 1.65V to 3.6V. It features an extremely small average current in read operations of 0.2mA at a maximum operating frequency of 5MHz. Fujitsu says it is aimed for battery operated wearable devices and medical devices such as hearing aids and IoT devices such as meters and sensors.

It's not clear what is the status of this chip, and whether it's already available for sampling or actual volume production.

Posted: Oct 27,2016 by Ron Mertens