Fujitsu launches 12Mbit RRAM chips

Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution announced the launch of a 12Mbit ReRAM chip, the MB85AS12MT. Fujitsu says that evaluation samples are currently available.

Fujitsu RRAM technology

The MB85AS12MT offers a small package size (2mmx3mm) and a low level of average read current (0.15mA). Fujitsu targets applications in wearable devices such as hearing aids and smart watches.

The new chip's memory density is 1.5 times larger than the company's existing 8Mbit RRAM chips, while keeping the same package size, WL-CSP (Wafer Level Chip Size Package), with the same pin assignment. The WL-CSP used for the MB85AS12MT can save approximately 80% of its mounted surface area compared with 8-pin SOP that is frequently used for memory devices with the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

Posted: Mar 17,2022 by Ron Mertens