New AI consortium to adopt RRAM and accelerated AI hardware to deliver accelerated power saving AI platforms and standards

A new AI consortium was announced that aims to deliver a vastly accelerated, power-saving AI platform and standard that enables new AI-rich capability for edge computing, gateways, cloud and data centers. The idea is to combine advanced acceleration hardware, resistive memory (RRAM) and optimized neural networks to create "ready-made, power-efficient solutions with unsupervised learning and event recognition capability".

The SCAiLE (SCalable AI for Learning at the Edge) consortium is already working with Japanese authorities to review opportunities for the 2020 Olympics, including video-based event detection and response capability. The consortium members include RRAM developer Crossbar and AI accelerator startup Gyrfalcon Technology, which recently announced the commercial availability of its LightSpeeur 2802M AI ASIC that include TSMC's eMRAM memory.

Posted: Feb 20,2019 by Ron Mertens