Adesto launches a new range of secure RRAM chips for IoT applications

Adesto Technologies announced a new family of ultra-low power serial EEPROM memory based on its CBRAM RRAM technology aimed towards IoT devices. The Mavriq DS (which stands for Digital Security) offers low-power operation, excellent endurance and special security features.

Adesto says that its new chips performs read and write operations with 4x less power than competitive solutions, and, in ultra-deep power down mode, uses as much as 50x less power. DS devices can automatically enter the ultra-deep power down mode following write operations, reducing controller operations and overall system energy. The mavriq DS supports over 100,000 write cycles across the full temperature and voltage range.

The Mavriq DS includes security features to protect against data tampering - including two, 64 byte one-time programmable security registers that can only be accessed through control codes.

Adesto is now offering Mavriq DS samples in 32Kbit, 64Kbit, 128Kbit and 256Kbit.

In May 2016 Adesto's CEO said that the company continues to see a large number of customers sampling Adesto's Mavriq RRAM product. The company is confident that it will receive initial orders in 2016, with significant revenues from this product family in 2017.

Posted: Dec 09,2016 by Ron Mertens