Tetramem shows that its RRAM-powered analog computing SoC is capable of executing calculations with arbitrary precision

US-based Tetramem published a paper that shows its form of RRAM-powered analog computing is capable of executing calculations with arbitrary precision. It says the ability to perform high-precision multiplication within single electronic devices that can be readily formed in arrays offers scope to reduce the power consumption of machine learning when based on artificial neural networks.

The Tetramem device is made of a mixture of Al3O2, above a layer of HfO2 sandwiched between a tantalum/titanium top electrode and a platinum bottom electrode. Each of the bilayers is less than 1nm thick so that after being laid down they appear to form a mixed layer rather than two separate continuous layers. The device was fabricated in a 240-nm diameter via above the CMOS peripheral circuitry.

Posted: Mar 13,2024 by Ron Mertens