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Resistive RAM is a non-volatile computer memory that uses materials that change their resistance - or memristors. RRAM is still in its early stages, but it may enable fast, efficient and small memory chips

Recent RRAM News

New RRAM book: RRAM - Synthesis Lectures on Emerging Engineering Technologies

This book contains lectures on RRAM technologies. The first lecture is a comprehensive tutorial of metal oxide-based RRAM technology from device fabrication to array architecture design. State-of-the-art RRAM device performances, characterization, and modeling techniques are summarized, and the design considerations of the RRAM integration to large-scale array with peripheral circuits are discussed.

Western Digital: RRAM is the technology of choice for Storage Class Memory

Aug 12, 2016

Western Digital announced that its 3D RRAM development is "finished" (this developed started by SanDisk, which is now owned by WD). WD's current plan is to release memory products based on 3D RRAM in 12-24 months - in the same fab that produces flash (NAND) memory.

Western Digital: 3D RRAM SCM choice slide

Western Digital will at first aim to use RRAM in "specialized" SCM memory devices, but the plan is to scale up RRAM to eventually (2020?) become a "Universal Memory".

Weebit Nano is now a public company trading in the ASX

Aug 03, 2016

Weebit Nano logoIsrael-based RRAM developer Weebit Nano has made its debut on the Australian share market, trading under the ticker ASX:WBT, following a reverse merger with a mining company shell called Radar Iron Ltd.

As part of the share floating, Weebit raised $5 million AUD, and the company reportedly aims to raise a further $10 million AUD in the coming weeks. The company's shares started the day at 5 cents but ended it on 4 cents putting the market cap at $13.4 million AUD.

Yole Developpement sees $4.6 billion in sales of MRAM, RRAM and PCM memories generating $4.6 billion in 2021

Jul 28, 2016

Yole Developpement says that emerging Non-Volatile Memories (NVM) will generate $53 million in sales in 2015, but the market will grow quickly to $4.6 billion 2021. That's a CAGR of 110%!

Next-gen memory, time to market (Yole, 2015)

The market is still limited to niche markets due to the limited densities, but this will change in the near future, and Yole says that the clear go-to market for emerging-NVM will be storage-class memory. High-capacity SCM applications will use either phase-change memory or RRAM memory, while applications that require high endurance and speed will adopt STT-MRAM memories.

Researchers developed a high-performance 3D vertical crossbar array

Jul 14, 2016

Researchers developed a new high-performance bilayer self-selective RRAM device by using HfO2 as a memory swtching layer and mixed ionic and electron conductor as selective layer. The researchers say that this device exhibits high nonlinearity and ultra-low half-select leakage.

This new design may be a way to integrate individual selector devices with memory cell separately in a vertical RRAM device. The researchers successfully demonstrated a four layer vertical crossbar array - with high uniformity, ultra-low leakage, sub-nA operation, self-compliance, and excellent read/write disturbance immunity.

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