sureCore and Intrinsic collaborate to bring embedded RRAM to market

IC designer sureCore announced an agreement with UK-based RRAM developer Intrinsic to bring high-performance embedded RRAM to market. The two companies will deliver commercial memory solutions using sureCore’s patented memory architectures and Intrinsic’s novel RRAM cell.

Using a combination of Intrinsic’s CMOS compatible technology and sureCore’s high-performance, low power memory architectures will enable an accelerated development process and delivery of this new embedded non-volatile memory to be realised.

Intrinsic says that its RRAM technology requires no modifications to FEOL processing and can be readily integrated in a standard BEOL metal stack, significantly easing foundry deployment. Key markets for this technology include the entire microcontroller (MCU) market, IoT, and Edge AI, which are currently hindered by the existing performance constraints associated with Flash.

Posted: Jun 13,2021 by Ron Mertens