A team of international researchers, from China (Nanyang Technological University), Singapore (NTU) and Germany (RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Juelich) developed a technique to turn RRAM chips into logic processors.

The researchers say that these kind of processors eliminate the need to transfer data between memory storage and the computational unit (as it is now the same unit) - and so these processors could be at least two times faster than current processors. The new processors will also be smaller than current designs.

The new chips store information in four states (a Ternary number system) - and could even be used to store information in a higher number of states - it all depends on how precise you measure the electrical resistance in RRAM device.

It is not clear from the publication how exactly this was achieved... but the researchers say that they are looking to find industry partners to bring such a design to the market.