A couple of months ago, we reported that Israel-based RRAM developer Weebit Nano partnered with France-based research institute Leti, to co-develop advanced RRAM devices based on silicon oxide.

Weebit Nano RRAM chip prototypes photo

Weebit Nano now announced that its SiOx ReRAM memory technology has been successfully transferred from Rice University’s facilities to Leti’s pre-industrialisation facility in Grenoble, France. Leti's initial experiments confirm that Weebit’s unique nano-porous SiOx process is reproducible.

The primary milestone of this project is to develop a 1,000 bit array, followed by the development of a 1-million-bit array. Leti is expected to release a detailed report on the development process and optimization of the technology in the first quarter of 2017. The report will also detail the plans to create a 40nm RRAM cell by late 2017.