In Search of the Next Memory: Inside the Circuitry from the Oldest to the Emerging Non-Volatile Memories

This book aims to provide an introduction to promising emerging memories under development. The book's target audience is the chip designer, and it offers expanded, up-to-date coverage of emerging memories circuit design.

The book covers four main next-gen technologies: RRAM, MRAM, FeRAM and PCRAM and explores the array organization, sensing and writing circuitry, programming algorithms and error correction techniques.

RRAM - Synthesis Lectures on Emerging Engineering Technologies

This book contains lectures on RRAM technologies. The first lecture is a comprehensive tutorial of metal oxide-based RRAM technology from device fabrication to array architecture design. State-of-the-art RRAM device performances, characterization, and modeling techniques are summarized, and the design considerations of the RRAM integration to large-scale array with peripheral circuits are discussed.

Resistive Switching: From Fundamentals of Nanoionic Redox Processes to Memristive Device Applications

This book introduces readers to the wide topic of resistance switching, providing the knowledge, tools, and methods needed to understand, characterize and apply resistive switching memories.

Starting with those materials that display resistive switching behavior, the book explains the basics of resistive switching as well as switching mechanisms and models. An in-depth discussion of memory reliability is followed by chapters on memory cell structures and architectures, while a section on logic gates rounds off the text.

Vertical 3D Memory Technologies

This book reviews the critical areas of development for 3D vertical memory chips including

  • gate-all-around and junction-less nanowire memories
  • stacked thin film and double gate memories
  • terrabit vertical channel and vertical gate stacked NAND flash
  • large scale stacking of RRAM cross-point arrays
  • 2.5D/3D stacking of memory and processor chips with through-silicon-via connections

Emerging Non-Volatile Memories (2014 edition)

This book is an introduction to the fundamentals of emerging non-volatile memories and provides an overview of future trends in the field.

The book covers seven important memory technologies: FeRAM, FMRAM, MFRAM, PCM, Probe Storage, Polymer memories and Resistive RAM (RRAM).